Spanning two days with butcher, Marcus Vermey and The Agrarian Kitchen’s Rodney Dunn, we begin with a whole carcass and learn the ins and outs of cutting and utilising a pig, from nose to tail. This class is all about getting to know quality meat and developing a respect for where our meat comes from and the sacrifice that is made on the animal’s behalf in order for us to eat. The pig used for this class is a rare-breed Wessex saddleback or Berkshire either from our own property or a trusted small producer.

From the initial break down of the pig with Marcus each cut will be discussed in terms of usage to help you understand firstly where it comes from on the animal - then what you can cook with it. We will utilise all the cuts over the two days to cook around sixteen individual dishes and be left with nothing but the oink. There will also be an opportunity to visit our own pigs and discuss our own raising practices for those wishing to take the leap into pig-rearing.

A tip for interstate guests attending this class

All guests will receive goodies made from this class.  These will be sealed in cryovac bags and then placed into insulated foil bags with an ice gel pack.

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autumn / winter

led by butcher, Marcus Vermey 

& Rodney Dunn

9.00am to 4.30pm (over 2 days)

AU$880 per person



Hands-on experience

Goodies to take home

Lunch matched with wine


Maximum No. of Guests


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Monday 12 & Tuesday 13 April 2021

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