the cooking school & farm


Just like any school, our cooking school also has some rules of etiquette.....


All classes are a very intimate size of 9 therefore we cannot offer refunds if you are unable to attend.  

14 days notice is required if you wish to transfer to another date OR to keep your funds in credit for another time.

You are welcome to offer your place to a friend if you cannot attend.

On arrival at The Agrarian Kitchen

Please remember that even though you are at The Agrarian Kitchen

you are also in Rodney and Severine’s home.

Our staff greet each guest upon their arrival into the kitchen or dining room.

Even though the staff member greeting you may not be the owners,

we do ask that you treat them with the same respect that you would if they were.

We offer you a selection of teas and coffee once you have arrived,

therefore you do not need to bring your own take-away coffee.

If you do have one, please ask a member of staff

to dispose of the cup for you on arrival and we can make you another.

During a cooking experience

We would like you to have a wonderful cooking experience

and ask that guests be polite to our staff and to their classmates.

A staff member is present in all our experiences to clean the dishes so you don’t have to.

Please respect this staff member at all times.

It is not necessary for you to treat them as though they are "just the dish pig".

Rude comments made towards our cleaning staff will not be tolerated.


Lunch is usually a “late lunch” at around 2.00pm and

we only offer alcohol during this time, not when cooking is being done.


Our staff are trained in the “Responsible Service of Alcohol”.  

Alcohol is served once you are seated for the lunch.

Our staff will serve you wine and will continue to do so throughout the lunch - there is no need for guests

to get up from the table and help themselves for more wine.  

You may politely ask for more wine but there is no need to be rude.

Our staff reserve the right to refuse pouring you more wine if they believe that you have had too much.


All we ask is that our guests are polite towards their classmates and our staff -  it’s just good karma. Thank you.

Rodney & Severine