We are very excited to host Adam James of Rough Rice for a very special two-day “Fermentation Masterclass”.  Thanks to a Churchill Fellowship, Adam was able to experience a three-month fermentation world tour,  through Denmark, Italy, France, Georgia, China, South Korea and Japan. During this trip Adam was able to research ancient (and new) techniques in vegetable and legume fermentation.

Adam first became interested in fermentation whilst travelling through Japan six years ago. The exact moment was in sake bar Yoramu in Kyoto where he was served a plain cube of fresh tofu that was topped with an unassuming red paste. The paste was kanzuri. From that moment on he started reading, researching and experimenting in all things fermented. He has also returned to Japan every year to increase his knowledge of Japanese preservation.

During this two-day workshop we will cover water and milk kefir, miso, learn to make your own kick-arse hot sauce, nukazuke (a Japanese bran ferment), sauerkraut, vinegars and vegetable ferments, plus all the other things that generally distract us along the way. As usual we will have a garden full of cool ingredients to inspire our ferments.

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led by Adam James of Rough Rice

9.00am to 4.30pm (over 2 days)

AU$880 per person



Hands-on cooking experience

Lunch matched with wine


Goodies to take home

Maximum No. of Guests


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Thursday 28 & Friday 29 January 2021

Thursday 4 & Friday 5 February 2021

Thursday 25 & Friday 26 March 2021

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