The Agrarian Kitchen’s extended family includes several dozen Barnevelder chickens, which supply the most beautiful dark brown eggs with chocolate spots for use in everything from ice-cream to omelettes. They are fed a diet of whole grains and greens from the vegetable garden, and perform the task of scratching up and manuring the straw before it is spread over the garden. The chickens are rotated through the orchard and surrounding paddocks to ensure the health of the soil as well as the health of the chickens.

The gaggle of geese are a cross breed of Emden and Chinese and have reliably, for the past two springs, laid eggs and raised gosling from the eggs we didn’t snaffle for our own purposes, several geese have graced the Christmas table and we are currently fattening others for the honorable pursuit of goose charcuterie.

The ducks at The Agrarian Kitchen are a law unto themselves, rambling with great ease from pond to pig pen to snaffle uneaten grain, when required they are captured and fattened to make the ultimate sacrifice - adorning the table.

The apiary keeps the kitchen in honey and the fruit trees, berries and vegetables pollinated, the bees can often be seen buzzing around from flower to flower, often unnoticed, their efforts are always appreciated.

Arguably the stars of The Agrarian Kitchen animal family - the pig family has grown from a breeding stock of Wessex Saddlebacks and Berkshires. The pigs are rotated around the property ensuring the soil is kept healthy and the larder and classes supplied with porky bits.  Our Berkshires also graze on the fallen acorns from our oak trees.


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