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Bookings for 1-6 guests can be made by clicking the link below.

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If you do not see availability for the date, time or group size that you require, please contact us directly via email or call us on (03) 6262 0011.

For bookings of 7 or more guests, please contact us directly via email or contact us on (03) 6262 0011.

Please note: Public holidays attract a 15% surcharge.


The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery follows a strong philosophy of sourcing very seasonal produce from small, local producers.  This allows us to offer our guests the best produce available on the day, grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides by incredible farmers in the area.

The philosophy of our offering does limit the dishes we can offer for some dietary restrictions including guests following a VEGAN diet. 

In this instance we can offer guests  a light lunch including our house made sourdough bread, potato cakes and two vegetable based dishes. We do not offer any soy based proteins. 

Please ensure you include any dietary restrictions in your reservation and our team will do their best to accommodate your request. 

For specialised diets please contact The Eatery directly via phone by calling (03) 6262 0011 or via email to discuss your dining needs.