Over two very special days you will learn how to turn a whole pig into bounty for the winter larder.

Drawing on a great European tradition that saw the pig raised over spring and summer when feed was plentiful and slaughtered in late autumn to be food for the cold winter months. Most of the cured goods are from the Italian traditions but the techniques can be applied across most of the cured goods of European backgrounds.

You will be taught the correct safety measures and extensive discussion will be devoted to how to recreate these goods safely in your own homes. Rodney’s own experience with charcuterie has been learnt in the backyards of families in the Italian stronghold of Griffith and honed through years of making and tweaking at The Agrarian Kitchen. His belief that it all starts with the quality of the pig has led to special pigs selected and grown on each year just for this occasion including fattening with acorns from our own oak trees.

Charcuterie will include salami, pancetta, capocollo, lardo and prosciutto.

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led by Rodney Dunn

9.00am to 4.30pm (over 2 days)

AU$990 per person



Hands-on experience

Lunch matched with wine


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Thursday 22 + Friday 23 April 2021

Thursday 29 + Friday 30 April 2021