Mitch has a passion for working outdoors and nurturing plants. Likely inherited from his family, having come from a long line of Tasmania’s Huon Valley apple farmers.

He spent years at the other end of the food chain, as a qualified chef,

but his interest in quality, local food and regenerative farming led him

to Tony Scherer of Rocky Top Farm at Penna, Tasmania.

For almost four years he has been mentored by and worked closely with Tony, learning many aspects of mechanical and hand-scale market gardening. Alongside this role, he worked as the “Kitchen and Garden” specialist at Austins Ferry Primary School's MONA 24 Carrot Garden for 3 years, a position he has cherished because of its valuable impact on young people's appreciation for good food.

Whilst he loves gardening for many reasons, his deepest interest lies in building healthy biological systems, which are productive, but are also restorative and sustainable. He is very excited to take on this new challenge at The Agrarian Kitchen where he aims to build soil fertility and biodiversity whilst producing exceptional, nutritious produce.

Mitch is one of the most dynamic and inspirational gardeners we have ever met and will take charge of our Cooking School’s garden here on the farm until mid 2020.  We are very excited to also see him take on the challenge of creating The Agrarian Kitchen’s new 1-acre walled garden at Willow Court due to open in late 2020.  This new garden will service both our existing Eatery and the new Cooking School when it relocates into Willow Court.


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Head Gardener